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This nice selection of bowls are from the latest firing. There are two greens
being used , one is a matte and the other is shiny. These bowls are great for
almost anything, Whether it's breakfast cereal or hot soup these  are a staple in
our kitchen.   There is a dragonfly design and incised fish.  Size on bowls
ranges 6 to 7" diameter.                                             
Click on the thumbnails for larger
The mixing or serving bowl pictured below turned out just great.  
There is a nice liner glaze  on the inside for functionality. There are
dragonflies all around the bowl in alternating pattern.  It is signed and
dated by Paul   Click on any of the thumbnails for larger views.
Below are three new mugs. they measure about 4
1/2 to 5' in height, and hold about eight ounces of
liquid. The outside surface has a matte  and stony
surface, the insides are glazed
Below is another large pot with wild horses. this side is flashed
with  brownish orange and the other side is lighter in color. Yhe
wood firing has given this surface a sandy matt texture. The
horses are  slip trailed in black over white porcelain.
Newest Work June firing